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September 29, 2011

DedicatedNOW Announces Release of SAN Storage Solution

Clifton NJ, Sept 29, 2011 – Managed hosting provider, DedicatedNOW, announced the release of their much anticipated SAN storage solution. The engineering team at parent company FortressITX, has laboured over the Company’s SAN technology for the past 18 months to create a storage compliment for their private cloud platform.

“Our SAN infrastructure is an open book – easy to read, but next to impossible to duplicate,” says Jason Silverglate, CEO and chief architect of the company’s storage solution. Silverglate says that his SAN was designed to deliver industry-leading performance with a high-level of reliability. The SAN’s design includes redundant head nodes with redundant 10Gbps cards and redundant SAS 6Gbps wide internal SAS paths. The end result is two highly capable volumes that can achieve extremely high read and write speeds.

Jason remarks, “on Volume 1 we are able to achieve 1600MB/s read and 1300MB/s write. Mind you, Volume1 is our low performance Volume… Volume 2, which is our SSD volume can achieve 250,000 IOPS and can easily max out a few 10Gbps circuits.”

That speed makes all the difference when it comes to cloud purposed storage and that is what Jason and his team are counting on. Earlier this year, DedicatedNOW partnered with OnApp to launch a managed private cloud solution. The DedicatedNOW private cloud solution allows customers to configure and deploy scalable, redundant hypervisors onto the SAN, connected through a redundant switch stack via multiple gigabit connections both to the Internet and The Company’s own internal SAN network.

DedicatedNOW is preparing for the launch of their public cloud offering and anticipate the release of that product later this year.


DedicatedNOW, provides managed dedicated servers and complex hosting solutions to customers in nearly 100 countries. More information about DedicatedNOW’s private cloud and SAN technology is available on their website at

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September 1, 2011

Arvixe Ranked 209th Fastest Growing Company in the U.S. by Inc. 500

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (Thursday, September 1, 2011)Arvixe, a leader in Web hosting solutions for businesses and individuals, announced today it has been ranked in the 2011 Inc. 500, an annual compilation of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States.

To gain a spot on the list, companies must submit information on business operations and financial performance over a three year period. Companies are ranked by industry, revenue, growth, and geographic location.

The 2011 Inc. 500, unveiled in the September issue of Inc., is a group of companies that are smaller but much faster-growing than last year’s crop. Aggregate revenue is $10.5 billion, with a median three-year growth of 1,275 percent. The companies on this year’s list employ more than 46,000 people and generated over 35,000 jobs in the past three years – providing fuel to the American economy.

“Now, more than ever, we depend on Inc. 500/5000 companies to spur innovation, provide jobs, and drive the economy forward. Growth companies, not large corporations, are where the action is,”said Inc. magazine Editor Jane Berentson.

“In the past decade, the hosting industry has become exceptionally saturated. Competition has become fiercer, and a consistent stream of consolation activity has made it difficult for small to medium sized firms to compete in the marketplace. Despite these challenges, Arvixe, through several niche market penetrations and a commitment to quality in every respect, has been able to thrive, grow, and establish a positive reputation in the industry,” said Arvand Sabetian, operations manager for Arvixe.

Today’s announcement represents only Arvixe’s latest accomplishment. The company has received countless awards since its founding in 2003, including more than two dozen awards issued by Web hosting industry publications. A select overview of awards is located at

Arvixe provides a wide variety of hosting services to individuals and small businesses. Its services include Linux Hosting, ASP .NET Hosting, Business Hosting, Reseller Hosting. E-Commerce Hosting, and Dedicated Servers. Entry-level personal shared hosting plans start at just $4 per month and offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and a complete trimming of value-added features.

To learn more about Arvixe, visit

About Arvixe

Arvixe, a California based provider of next-generation, affordable Web hosting solutions for individuals and businesses. Started in 2003, the company today services more than 40,000 customers with 100,000 domain names.

Specializing in shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS (virtual private servers), Arvixe’s commitment to customer service, otherwise known as the Arvixe Advantage, has earned it dozens of awards and widespread acclaim from major industry publications.

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August 25, 2011

cPanel Welcomes New Director of Marketing, Ben Fisher

Houston, Texas — August 25, 2011 – cPanel, the leading innovator and developer of control panel software for the web hosting industry, welcomed Ben Fisher from The Hosting News as the new director of marketing. Although Fisher is the first person to fulfill this role, he joined an ever-growing marketing team.

As the Director of Marketing, Fisher will play a key role in seeking out and implementing new opportunities for cPanel as the company continues to grow and evolve.

Fisher has worn several hats over the course of his 18-year career. He began in 1993 with a small consulting and networking company. Eventually, he transformed that company into a web design company with a focus on marketing search engine optimization and consulting.

Armed with his arsenal of marketing and business development knowledge, Fisher said he looks forward to expanding cPanel’s marketing efforts while consistently pushing the envelope creatively.

cPanel Marketing Coordinator Vernon Blanson said he believes that Fisher’s unique background will definitely add a twist to their current marketing practices.

“Ben is no stranger to our industry, and with his background in the gaming industry—in which can be over-the- top marketing practices can be seen— it will be interesting to see the ways our team brands itself at conferences and events in the future,” he said.

When asked what he most hopes to achieve as the new Director of Marketing, Fisher methodically leaned back in his armchair, took a puff from his e-cigarette, and then paused for a minute….like an entire minute, which is gut wrenching when you’re sitting there waiting to hear this commentary that you have built up in your head to be genuine poetry to your ears.

But alas, he answered.

“It’s very simple,” he said. “What I hope to achieve here at cPanel as marketing director is nirvana. I want us to bring fun to the hosting industry while making a huge impact on people’s lives.”

Marketing Manger Diane Sager said she is excited to welcome Fisher onto the team and looks forward to seeing how far they can go.

“Having Ben on our team will give us the extra bit of help and knowledge we need to really take our marketing efforts, and cPanel, to an untouchable level—essentially world domination,” she said while trying to refrain from laughing. “We just want to maximize our potential to reach as many data centers, companies, and individuals as possible.”

I couldn’t conclude this interview without asking Fisher what he loves most about cPanel. His answer was simple, yet well thought out:

“Without a doubt, it’s the people,” he said.

If you would like to find out more about Ben Fisher, you can follow him @thesocialdude on Twitter.

For more information about cPanel, please visit

About cPanel, Inc.

Since 1997, cPanel has been a leading innovator and developer of control panel software for the web hosting industry. Headquartered in Houston, TX, cPanel builds software that allows web host professionals to transform standalone servers into fully automated point-and-click web hosting platforms. cPanel licensed software allows owners of servers and websites, along with resellers and developers, the ability to optimize their technical resources and replace tedious shell-oriented tasks with dynamic, intuitive web-based interfaces.

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August 11, 2011

ColoUnlimited Introduces New Lower, Fixed Rates for Support Services

August 11, 2011, Dallas, Texas – ColoUnlimited today announced new lower, fixed-price technical support services rates that are now more aligned with its bundled, value-priced colocation and unmetered bandwidth solutions. These new technical support rates apply to server installations, hardware replacements, and advanced support services.

In addition to its free basic remote hands & eyes support, ColoUnlimited now offers additional support services, such as hardware replacements, for a flat fee of $25 per incident. ColoUnlimited technicians are available 24/7 to add, replace, or remove customer owned-hard drives, memory, or add-on cards at the $25 rate. Additionally, technical support is now available in new 30 minutes increments for $75 making support accessible at any budget level.

“Our fixed-price support options are yet another reason ColoUnlimited sets the standard for value in the colocation industry,” said Thanh Tran, product manager at ColoUnlimited. “Lower, fixed technical support rates will eliminate fears of support costs typically associated with a colocation environment.” More information can be found at

ColoUnlimited’s 24/7, onsite support team enables customers to get their servers up and running quickly. Customers can drop-ship their equipment from offsite locations or from a preferred hardware vendor to a ColoUnlimited data center.

About ColoUnlimited

ColoUnlimited provides the industry’s first bundled offering of colocation server hosting and unmetered bandwidth available for purchase online at a revolutionary price. ColoUnlimited is a division of CoreXchange, leading IT infrastructure provider led by the same team of industry veterans that offer enterprise hosting and connectivity solutions for high demand Internet applications. ColoUnlimited customer cabinets are housed in the CoreXchange Connection, the company’s newest SAS70 Type II data center in Dallas, Texas. The Connection data center features state-of-the-art equipment, redundant power and cooling. For more information, visit

Filed under: Clients — Press Advance @ 12:22 pm Introduces Cloud Virtual Private Servers

ST. PAUL, Minn. (August 11, 2011)–-, a leader in Linux and Microsoft Windows Virtual Private Server hosting and Cloud Services, today introduced Cloud Virtual Private Servers, boasting an array of high-performance and customization options.

Cloud Virtual Private Servers from KickAssVPS offer more than 30 operating system templates, hot failover protection, and nearly instant scalability. In fact, in the event of a hardware outage or other service disruption, the Cloud infrastructure can automatically heal itself by utilizing other available computing resources in real-time.

“A key tenet of our business is continually bringing the best technology to our customers when the time is right. Cloud Virtual Private Servers are an exciting and necessary evolution in hosting technology. While we have for many years utilized virtualization technology to maximize performance and minimize cost, our Cloud Virtual Private Servers take this to a new level, and offer an unprecedented level of scalability, reliability, and of course, affordability,” said Brian Emerson, president of KickAssVPS.

Cloud Virtual Private Servers start at just $19 per month on a Linux-based platform, and $39 per month on Windows-based platform. In the ordering process, users can customize RAM, CPU cores, disk space allotments, port speed, and select from optional nightly data backups. What’s more, all Cloud Virtual Private Servers offer – at no additional charge – the ability to remotely manage the server via an iPhone or iPad application, delivering unrivaled ease of use.

Earlier this summer, KickAssVPS launched its affiliate program. The program is open to both existing customers and other individuals interested in helping to grow, and offers generous rewards and compensation for participating affiliates. In fact, affiliates receive an instant $10 deposit into their account just for signing up, and earn a staggering commission of 20 percent of every payment made by a referred customer for the duration of the hosting account.

To learn more about KickAssVPS, please visit


A division of Point North Networks, Inc. is one of the largest providers of Virtual Private Servers and Cloud Services in the Midwest. is Certified Microsoft Hosting Partner and Parallels Gold Partner, with a fully Microsoft Certified customer support team. Point North Networks, Inc. has over 15 years of experience in developing and implementing solutions for clients locally, nationally, and globally.

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