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July 26, 2011

CloudLinux Receives FindMyHost Editor’s Choice Award

Ann Arbor, MI, July 26, 2011 – Cloud Linux Inc., an innovative software company dedicated to serving hosting companies, is the recipient of the July 2011 Editor’s Choice Award from CloudLinux™ received the award for its ability to isolate individual websites on a multi-tenant server using Lightweight Virtual Environment™ (LVE) technology and for its focus on shared hosting providers.

CloudLinux was launched in early 2010 and is the only commercially supported server operating system proven to increase server density, stability and performance, helping customers realize reduced operating costs and increased profitability. Cloud Linux invented the Lightweight Virtual Environment™ a kernel-level technology that isolates specific hardware resources in a lightweight environment and prevents one tenant on a shared server from affecting others – especially due to a sudden peak load from a single tenant. The technology is designed to eliminate the risk of an unstable server that can undermine operations and profitability.

“Shared hosting providers have a unique set of needs and they require a solid infrastructure that can be managed easily and effectively for complex and multi-tenant environments,” states Igor Seletskiy, CEO and Founder of Cloud Linux Inc., “We built CloudLinux to give hosting providers the control they need to protect customers from outages frequently caused by individual tenants. This award is a gratifying validation of the work we are doing and our team is greatly honored to receive this Editor’s Choice Award.”

CloudLinux is already installed on more than four thousand production servers. It is compatible with all major hosting control panels, including, cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, ISPmanager and InterWorx control panel products, as well as with Apache and LiteSpeed web servers. It is also used as a base for Parallels Web Hosting Next Generation platform. CloudLinux™ is the only server OS sold, supported, and distributed by cPanel.

For more information about CloudLinux, please visit

About CloudLinux, Inc.
Founded in Princeton, NJ, CloudLinux is a privately funded company that combines unique expertise in the service provider business with in-depth technical knowledge of hosting, kernel development and open source.

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